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Seismic Pulse of a Volcano: An Expedition to Gorelyi

... machinery. Such studies not only provide insight into the geodynamic processes taking place in the Earth’s bowels but also improve the predictions of volcanic events One of the ways to look inside a volcano and get a peep of its structure is seismic tomography. It is a young geophysical method, which is now extensively used for the investigation of various geologic bodies. Seismic waves produced by eruptions propagate in the Earth’s interior and illuminate it like X-rays. The task of seismic tomography ...

Modified: 14.04.2014
volcanoes , seismic stations , tomography , earthquakes
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The Postgenomic Era: “Seeing through a Brick Wall”

... both the experimental animal and experimenter himself/herself. Along with the improvement of traditional methods, an impressive success has been recently achieved in developing basically new approaches to imaging the inner structures and processes. Tomography is a leading method in this field; this technology makes it possible to image internal organs by sections and reconstruct their 3D structure with the help of a computer. Depending on the physical principles underlying specific devices, they ...

Modified: 30.08.2008
tomography , NMR tomograph , biomedical research methods , X-ray examination , luciferase , microdialysis devices
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