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To the Arctic in a Balloon # Revisiting the history of the Aeroarctic Society and the Polar Commission of the USSR Academy of Sciences

... accurately term) is a flying vehicle that uses the buoyant force of the enclosed gas (or hot air) with a density less than that of the ambient air (Archimedes’ law). There are unpowered tethered and free-flying aerostats and powered aerostats, or dirigibles. Aerostats can be filled with gas ( Charlieres ), hot air ( Montgolfieres ) or a combination of gas and hot air ( Rosieres ). Charlieres were usually filled with hydrogen and (rarely) coal gas; however, since these gases are combustible and ...

Modified: 10.01.2017
Aeroarctic , transarctic expedition , aeronautics , aerostat , dirigible , Nansen
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