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The Weissmanist–Morganist Strongold in Siberia

... as bioreactors involves insertion of a combined genetic construct carrying the human DNA sequence encoding a necessary protein into the region controlled by the regulatory elements of animal “milk gene.” According to this strategy, thus created transgenic animals are able to synthesize large amounts of the corresponding human protein exclusively in the mammary gland and secrete it into milk. The projects on creation of transgenic bioreactors usually comprise three stages: production of the ...

Modified: 27.10.2017
laboratory animals , genetic model of pathology , cryoarchiving , transgenic animals , phenotyping , imaging , pharmacology , toxicology , nanobiosafety
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Siberian Center for Genetic Resources: Three Years Later

... into the genetic diversity of mammals. Modern biotechnologies have made laboratory animals the most important resource of postgenomic biology, which is well illustrated by an exponential growth in the number of research papers on the studies involving transgenic animals. In particular, the number of papers with “transgenic mouse” as a key word has increased by more than 30 000 over the last 2.5 years! THE NOSE OF A MINER The nose has several vitally important functions. It decreases the temperature ...

Modified: 10.04.2012
laboratory animals , genetic model of pathology , cryoarchiving , transgenic animals , phenotyping , imaging , pharmacology , toxicology , nanobiosafety
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The Postgenomic Era. Creation of Transgenic Animals

... biology and medicine is difficult to overestimate. An artificial switch-on of almost any gene of interest allows physiologists to study various abnormalities in the organism homeostasis, immune system, embryogenesis, and so on in the experiments with transgenic animals Biomedical research is mainly focused on the creation of a wide range of the models for human diseases, including atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, retinoblastoma, and various cancers. Transgenic animal ...

Modified: 30.08.2008
transgenic animals , genetically engineered constructs , transgenes , recombinant protein , bioreactors , transgenic mice , transgenic goats
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