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Is It Possible to Abolish Aging?

... in animals, including a decrease in their fertility, loss of depot fat, as well as development of cataract and muscle hypotrophy. One of the major tasks of this study was to identify and selectively destroy the senescent cells. To solve this problem, transgenic mice were initially “constructed” using the hybrids of three mouse strains, each with a high likelihood of spontaneous tumor development. An artificially synthesized DNA fragment was inserted into these animals. This genetic construct contained ...

Modified: 18.12.2012
cellular senescence , life span , transgenic mice
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The Postgenomic Era, or Why We Need 300,000 Mice Strains

... processes of genetic nature. In particular, a simple scientometric analysis, namely, a query to the PubMed site, an archive of scientific papers, containing the word combination “transgenic mouse”, retrieved over 90 000 references (note that the first transgenic mice were obtained only 20 years ago). Today, the new papers in this field appear at a rate exceeding a thousand publications per month. The mouse trinity But why mice? It is no secret that the lion’s share of research is directed to provide ...

Modified: 30.08.2008
genotype , genetically engineered mice , transgenic mice , knockout genes , knockout mice , gene expression , GFP , point mutations , genetic lines , embryo , cryobank , cryoarchive , SPF-animals , SPF-vivarium , Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS
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The Postgenomic Era. Creation of Transgenic Animals

... atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, retinoblastoma, and various cancers. Transgenic animal models, as a rule, mouse models, make it possible to study the mechanisms underlying the development and treatment of human diseases. Transgenic mice are also an indispensable model system for testing genetic constructs before creating transgenic farm animals—bioreactors capable of producing human proteins with milk. Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) is a valuable hematopoietic ...

Modified: 30.08.2008
transgenic animals , genetically engineered constructs , transgenes , recombinant protein , bioreactors , transgenic mice , transgenic goats
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The Postgenomic Era. Genetic Knockout

... A (MAO-A) structural gene, localized to the X chromosome; this protein is among the main enzymes involved in the catabolism of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. A year later, a French research team from the Curie Institute created a strain of transgenic mice with irreversibly damaged MAO-A gene. It is of fundamental importance that the mice of the strain lacking MAO-A gene displayed the changed levels of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and their metabolites in the brain as well as high ...

Modified: 30.08.2008
genetic knockout , transgenic mice , knockout mice , MAO-A , genome , behavior , mediators
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