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Ancient Buried Treasures of South Siberia

... sources. Dozens of them were found in the vast expanse extending from the Middle Yenisey to the Upper Ob: the Iyus, Kosogol, Znamensk, Novo-Obintsevsk and the cache on the Chernaya Rechka, near Tomsk, among them. The most ancient caches found in South Siberia date back to the Mesolithic epoch, but much more common are the caches belonging to the era of metals, especially to the early Iron Age. Treasures of the Chest To make a discovery, you have to be able to see the extraordinary in the ordinary or the routine. The Iyus cache was found in the 1970-s by Semion Fefelov, a worker of the Iyus sovkhoz (abbreviation for “Soviet farm”) based ...

Modified: 30.05.2006
treasures , Siberia , Khakasia , Iyus , Yenisey , dagger
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