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In Search of the Big Bang's Energy

... decay of nuclei is not sensitive to environmental influences like pressure, temperature, or attack by chemical reagents, i. e., it cannot be switched on and off at will. The situation changed dramatically in the late 1930s, when the nuclear reaction of uranium fission was discovered... Uranium nucleus, like a big drop, is unstable and readily falls into two approximately equal parts when hit by an accidental neutron. Most importantly, such fission gives rise to a few new neutrons. Hitting the nucleus ...

Modified: 25.10.2007
uranium , AECC , isotope , plant , chemical complex , uranium hexafluoride , USSR , nuclear weapons
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Plant # 820

The Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Complex (AECC) yielded its first product — enriched uranium-235 — on October 21, 1957. This day is considered the birthday of AECC. Till the mid-1980s, the plant belonged to the system of military defence of the USSR, it took part in the production of “military” enriched uranium used in atomic bombs,...

Modified: 25.10.2007
uranium , uranium enrichment , nuclear power industry , plant , plant construction
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