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The mummy continues to reveal secrets

... become as famous as the mummy of a woman from Ak-Alakha 3, a Pazyryk burial site on the Ukok Plateau, discovered by Russian archaeologists in 1993 . No matter how you look at it, it was a discovery of great importance A fragment of the film “Altaians, tombs, scientists” made by S. Barkhatova is dedicated to one of the most impressive archaeological discoveries of the last century – the “frozen” graves of Gorny Altai. Excavations on the Ukok Plateau performed by an expedition led by ...

Modified: 02.03.2017
“frozen” graves , Altai , Ukok Plateau , Pazyryk , Pazyryk culture , MRI , woman mummy , Gorny Altai , Ukok
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The Life and Death of the Altai Princess

More than two decades have passed since the discovery of a mummified body of a young woman in a “frozen” sepulture on the Ukok plateau (1993), but the posthumous fate of the “Altai Princess,” the name she was given by the media, still remains a hot topic for discussion. The articles  On the Way to the Celestial Pastures  and Twenty Years After  by Natalia Polosmak, a Siberian archaeologist, present, for the first time,...

Modified: 02.09.2015
Altai , Ukok Plateau , Pazyryk culture , breast cancer , MRI , woman mummy , Altai Princess , Ukok Princess
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