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Information for libraries

SCIENCE First Hand is an illustrated interdisciplinary popular science journal published in English. It has been available since 2004 in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok, one of the world's largest research centers. The journal is published in electronic format three times a year. The Russian version, NAUKA iz pervykh ruk, is published in print and electronic format six times a year. Working closely with Novosibirsk State University, SB RAS research institutes, and Novosibirsk Tekhnopark, the journal publishes unique and reliable materials on most relevant and interesting topics.

The authors of SCIENCE First Hand are leading Russian and foreign scientists. The topics cover almost all fields of human knowledge such as biology, medicine, mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, astrophysics, geology, IT-technology, history, archeology, ethnography, etc.

We widely use scientific illustration so that the reader could better perceive the science content. Under the rubric Encyclopedia of Expeditions, the reader will find photographs from the most remote and inaccessible corners of our planet and fascinating stories about scientific expeditions. Another rubric, Science in Pictures, presents most beautiful scientific results obtained by researchers from around the world in the expressive language of micro and macro photography.

NAUKA iz pervykh ruk and SCIENCE First Hand are journals for all those involved in research and teaching, those getting education and seeking new knowledge, those who look for answers to complex questions about our world and prefer intellectual activities in their leisure time.

For subscription information please contact engeditor@infolio-press.ru