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ак. Н.В. Добрецов

The topics to be covered in our journal are featured by its title, SCIENCE First Hand.

That is a pity that scientific romanticism is now considered old-fashioned and naive. The others, not lyric poets and physicists, are highly thought of today… People count money and think about fast profits. But basic studies do not provide prompt payback: the path from the discovery of fundamental laws to practical application is extremely long and difficult. This hard but interesting job will pay off in the future.

We are going to discuss the science clearly, easily and with the sense of humor we can muster. How is humor involved? It is because every scientific search is exciting and brings the joy of discovery, opening of new knowledge, something unknown before. Real scientists always wish to share this joy and get a feedback, a distinct echo, from those who are still able to look with eyes wide open at the surrounding world. Such scientists will contribute to our journal, such readers we wish to make our friends.

The journal is created in Siberia. It has been initiated by the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, whose enormous research potential will be mapped in the journal. Still we believe that the big science has neither national, nor disciplinary boundaries. This is another basic principle of the Journal.

I hope that the time of romanticism in science will be back one day. Modern society is based on scientific achievements; today existence of the humankind is inconceivable without science. There is no place for boredom while doing research, for it requires inspiration. There is always some place for romanticism and passion in science…

So, welcome to SCIENCE First Hand. Read, look, wonder and rejoice with us.

Academician Nikolai L. Dobretsov