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Author's info
Parzinger, Hermann
Hermann Parzinger
Academic degree: DoctorofHistory

Academic rank: Professor

Position: President

Affiliation: Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation

Details: Hermann Parzinger, Doctor of History, Professor, President of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation (Berlin). He was awarded the Officer’s Big Cross of the Order For Service before the Federal Republic of Germany (2012), the Order Pour le merite for developing science and art (2011) and other awards. He is the author of 230 articles and of more than 20 monographs. Since 2011 Prof. Parzinger has been a member of the Hermitage International Consulting Council (St. Petersburg), and since 2004, Doctor Emeritus of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Prof. Parzinger made an outstanding contribution to the study of the past of Russia’s ethnic groups. This includes the 2001 discovery of the grave of a Scythian czar (in the burial mound Arzham-2) in the Tyva Republic. Approximately 6,000 gold objects were found there. In 2009, Prof. Parzinger was awarded the Order of Friendship, which is Russia’s highest decoration given to foreign citizens. He received the award for his outstanding achievements in scholarly research and for the development of scientific and cultural relations between Russia and Germany
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