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Author's info
Sleptsov, Yurii A.
Yurii A. Sleptsov
E-mail: seva_may@mail.ru

Position: Laboratory Assistant and Researcher

Affiliation: Institute for Humanities and Problems of Minority Peoples of the North, SB RAS

Details: Yurii A. Sleptsov, Laboratory Assistant Researcher, Section of Ethnography of the Peoples of the North-Eastern Russia, Institute of Human Research and Problems of the Native Minorities of the North, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences (Yakutsk, Russia). Director of the Garpanga Ethnoecological Center of Northern Native Minorities and organizer of a children’s nomadic camp. Great-grandson of the last prince of the Yakut kin Baidyi Yegor Sleptsov – Baidyi Djeger
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