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Section: Biology
South Kurils: conservation stories

South Kurils: conservation stories

The Kunashir is the southernmost island of the Great Kuril Ridge. It has the mildest climate of all Kurils, and an outstanding diversity of natural communities. The protected area of the island, of which over a half is covered with forests, and the adjacent buffer zones are a true sanctuary for rare plants, and representatives of the subtropical flora in particular. Coastal waters are inhabited by rare marine animals such as the Kuril harbor seal and a variety of cetaceans

Workers of the Kurilskiy nature reserve constantly observe the unique natural world of the South Kurils and can tell countless stories about their inhabitants. Today, our readers will learn about the search for a mysterious East Asian “exotic” plant in the depths of the Kunashir – the short-fruited rhododendron, and a tragic story of two marine “guests” of the island – young sperm whales who met their death trapped of a shallow cove.

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