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Rubric: News of Science
Section: Technology
A New Step in Evolution Studies

A New Step in Evolution Studies

Two years ago fifteen Russian experts in Earth and natural sciences came to the Denisova Cave in Altai, a test site of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography (Novosibirsk), seeking for a consensus in their views and approaches to the origin and evolution of life on the Earth, a key universal problem. The meeting was a starting point for the program “Biosphere origin and evolution” run by the Acadeny of Sciences. Its first stage ended with the international workshop of 26—29 June 2005 held in Siberia’s capital.

Discussions of one most fascinating and challenging mystery of the Universe brought together about 200 scientists from Russia, US, France, Germany, and Kazakhstan in Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk. The exchange of knowledge and ideas made the scientists still more aware that understanding the super-disciplinary phenomenon of life requires joint efforts of the entire scientific community.

The workshop at the Denisova Cave was the subject of the pilot issue of SCIENCE First Hand, and some of the presented reports made the first contributions to the journal. The brilliant presentations at the June 2005 meeting are sure to give rise to further exciting publications on evolution, which really is an unbounded open subject…

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