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Rubric: News of Science
Section: Archaeology
Siberian Archaeologists Have Been Awarded the State Prize

Siberian Archaeologists Have Been Awarded the State Prize

The President of the Russian Federation in his Decree as of June 6, 2005 awarded our authors, Academician Vyacheslav Molodin and Doctor of History Natalya Polosmak, the State Prize of the Russian Federation for 2004 in Science and Technology for discovering and studying the unique complexes of the Pazyryk culture of the 4th-3d centuries BC in the Gorny Altai.

As a result of several archaeological expeditions which took place in the remote districts of Gorny Altai in 1990—1995 the Siberian archaeologists made outstanding discoveries that have received wide publicity all over the world. They discovered and thoroughly studied intact burial complexes of ancient Pazyryk nomads.

The permafrost lenses that surrounded the burials preserved embalmed human bodies covered with elaborate tattooed patterns and wearing clothes of the remote epoch. The graves yielded masterpieces of ancient art and abundant objects of felt, wood, and leather. The discoveries on the Ukok Plateau provided a deeper insight into the genetic affinity, cultural life, trade contacts, and migration routes of ancient Pazyrykians, who were a part of the Inner and Central Asian nomadic world.

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